Restaurant Solutions
Restaurant Solutions

Optimum Control has been helping restaurant operators around the world manage their stock control and optimise their profits for the past 10 years. This easy to use software will help you detail not only all of your food and beverage costs but also allows you to enter purchases, orders and even functions and events. Know all your stock & inventory usages and margins (GP%) instantly!

!!!! Recession beating businesses have one thing in common – they know their costs and they control them. Every year 16% of hospitality businesses go “bust” and that is set to rise !!!!

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Get control with OPTIMUM CONTROL.

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Food Recipe Costing

  • » Determine the optimum selling price on every item on your menu by setting your desired gross profit percentage (GP%).
  • » Build Menu Items and Batch Recipes quickly and easily.
  • » Develop new menus in minutes, not hours.
  • » Identify portion costs and yields for precise recipe management on all batch recipes.
  • » Create recipe cards or menu books for all of your recipes.
  • » Identify how price changes on each menu item are impacting overall food cost.

Stock Control

  • » Manage your stock (wet & dry!!!) in a fraction of the time.
  • » Slash stock count and valuation time using printed count sheets or Windows Mobile based PDAs.
  • » Know your closing stock values instantly using FIFO, Last Cost, or Average Cost.
  • » Save time by customising your count sheets to match your own storage areas using drag-and-drop functionality.
  • » Assign multiple storage locations and different stock count units for more accurate stock counting. (e.g. count mozzarella cheese in the fridge by the case, by the pound / kilo, or by the ounce / gram in any storage area and Optimum Control will summarise all locations and counts automatically.)

Invoices, Purchasing and Ordering

  • » Update stock levels, price changes and recipe costs.
  • » Work confidently as the invoice will not save unless the invoice total is balanced.
  • » Search box can filter by name or order code.
  • » Detail general expenses such as delivery charges, utilities, ETC.
  • » Request credits for stock “sent back” detailing amount and reason for return.
  • » Purchase multiple pack sizes from your suppliers.
  • » Analyse unit costs between suppliers, know which is the best way to buy.
  • » Export purchase transactions to many popular accounting systems or a csv file.

Functions, Banquets and Buffets

  • » Plan and cost out a event with the easy to use Catering or Buffet Wizard.
  • » Calculate the cost of an event based on your Selling price, cover price or cost percentage.
  • » Replace any meal options to achieve your ideal cost.
  • » Print out a confirmation with a detailed list of everything the client has ordered.
  • » Any special instructions will be displayed here.
  • » Keep a detailed file of every event you plan.
  • » Prepare a shopping list of everything you need to order for this event.
  • » You can see a detailed list of the cost to order these items
  • » You will be able to extract all of the stock you will need for this event out of your inventory.

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For more information on Pub & Bar Solutions, please contact us or visit our products sections. Get control with OPTIMUM CONTROL.