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About TracRite Software Inc

Competitive Contract Services and Tracrite Software 

Optimum Control Software was launched in 1997 by Tracrite in Canada. The company is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with an extensive dealer network throughout the world. It has been sold in the UK since 2001 when Competitive Contract Services became the UK business partner & dealer. 

The program started when Jeff Hands, then a restaurant operator in Winnipeg, was looking for a tool that was easy to use and didn’t require extensive time investment to set up and maintain. It also had to be affordable for the average operator. After a fruitless search he teamed up with programmers and the first version of Optimum Control was born. 

Competitive Contract Services is a UK based catering consultancy founded in 1992 by Peter Hutt, an ex chef, hotelier and catering operator. In 2001 he was searching for an easy to use catering control package that he was confident enough to recommend to clients. Peter found Optimum Control and our clients liked it, so we entered into partnership with Tracrite to adapt the software for the UK market. 

Our Ethos

Optimum Control is written by chefs, not accountants. Those are our roots and our customers continue to be the driving force that develops and builds the software. From simple beginnings, the software is now used extensively throughout North America and in over 45 other countries. 

Tracrite Today

The program's original creator, Jeff Hands, remains with the company in the role of president and chief visionary. And yes, he stills makes a great bean burrito!

For more information on our Optimum Control products, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.