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This utility exports product sales automatically from many popular POS Systems. It can also be configured to process sales directly into Optimum Control daily.

Price: £225.00 plus VAT

Ideal for:All Optimum Control users

Order by phone: 01303 862103

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POS Systems Supported
  • Aloha
  • Micros 3700
  • PixelPoint
  • SilverWare Avrio
  • Squirrel

Call us today at 01303 862103 to order OC Sales Export and TAKE CONTROL with OPTIMUM CONTROL.


  • » Option of exporting sales data to file or directly into Optimum Control
  • » Extracts sales automatically when configured to export into Optimum Control
  • » Can be run using Scheduled Tasks to fully automate sales extraction
  • » Unlinked products are stored as Pending Sales so sales mix data is never lost

Call us today at 01303 862103 to order OC Sales Export and TAKE CONTROL with OPTIMUM CONTROL.


The Following are the most frequently asked questions regarding OC Sales Export. If you cannot find your answer, please contact us for further assistance.

» Where should OC Sales Export be installed?

Ideally, OC Sales Export should be installed directly on your POS Server so that it has access to the POS database. It can also be installed on any computer that is part of the network to which the POS Server belongs.

» Optimum Control is not installed on my POS Server; will I still be able to extract my sales automatically into Optimum Control?

Absolutely! As long as a connection can be made to both the POS Server and Optimum Control, OC Sales Export will be able to process the sales data automatically into Optimum's database.

» How can I get it to connect to my POS Server?

The DB Config tab of the configuration dialog allows you to enter all the connection information required to connect to your POS Server's database. To start off, click the Use Default button to populate the fields with the default values provided. Next, click the Test button. This will attempt to connect to your POS Server's database. If the test fails, please contact your POS Dealer or POS Support Personnel to assist you with obtaining the correct connection information.

» How do I configure the utility to export sales data into Optimum Control?

OC Sales Export uses the OCDATA DSN that is created when Optimum Control is installed to connect to the Optimum Control database. If you use a networked version of Optimum Control or Optimum Control is not installed on the same system, please contact us for assisstance in configuring OC Sales Export.

» How can I configure the utility to run using Windows® Scheduled Tasks?

Detailed instructions coming soon.

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