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For customers who want full functionality complete with sales, recipe costing, stock control, ordering, purchasing, and function & event management. Over 70 reports including menu analysis, period sales mix and actual versus theoretical usage.

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Ideal for: Fine and Casual Dining Restaurants, Bars & Pubs, Cafes, Coffee Bars, Sports Centres, Schools, Colleges and most Catering operations.

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Is OC Pro right for you? Ask yourself these questions...

Are you charging the right prices?

Maximise your profits by knowing the correct margins (GP%) on every item to start saving money immediately.

Do your current stock control procedures consume too much of your time?

Streamline all your work into one easy-to-use program and eliminate the use of endless spreadsheets.

Has all your stock been accounted for?

Identify problems by comparing Actual vs Theoretical usage

OC Pro has several features that will save you hours of time. Now, ordering is a breeze, receiving is easier, stock counting is more accurate, and reporting gives your the information you need to make a good business decisions!

  • Recipe and food costing
  • Inventory counting and tracking
  • Sales mix and POS imports
  • Order entry and export to web based ordering systems
  • Invoice and purchase entry
  • Request bids from suppliers and analyze
  • Theoretical vs. actual usage on every item
  • Daily sales reporting including waste
  • Cost-of-Sales analysis reporting
  • Catering Wizard
  • Buffet Wizard
  • Multiple profit centre option available
  • Generate over 70 detailed reports

Call us today on 01303 862103 to order OC Pro and TAKE CONTROL with OPTIMUM CONTROL.

OC Pro Features

Precise Menu Costing

  • » Optimise profitability by pricing your menu based on selling price, cost percentage or gross profit
  • » Develop new menu products in minutes, not hours

Inventory Control

  • » Determine the exact cost per unit on all your stock items
  • » Count inventory quickly with detailed stock count sheets sorted by location or even customised to match your storage areas

Simplified Ordering

  • » Create orders in minutes with the easy to use drag and drop feature
  • » Create forecasted orders based on usage per day, by sales volume or preset par levels

Detailed Purchasing

  • » Identify price increases and add additional pack sizes all from one window
  • » Convert orders to invoices in seconds

Event Management

  • » Plan and cost out all your functions, weddings, buffet and catering events
  • » Calculate the price per person based on selling price, cover price or even GP(%)  percentage

Comprehensive Reporting

  • » Over 70 detailed reports including comparison of actual vs theoretical usage.
  • » Analyse the profitability and popularity of all items on your menu

Systems Integration

  • » Import information from virtually all Point-of-Sale (POS) systems and even export to popular accounting systems

Call us today at 01303 862103 to order OC Pro and TAKE CONTROL with OPTIMUM CONTROL.


The Following are the most frequently asked questions regarding Optimum Control Pro. If you cannot find your answer, please contact us for further assistance.

» I don't have a lot of computer experience, will I still be able to use the program?

Yes, the program has been designed to be easy-to-use. If you know the food service industry, you know Optimum Control.

» Is Optimum Control a POS or Touch Screen System?

No. First and foremost Optimum Control is a back office "Food Stock & Costing Program", that is designed to be used as a "back office" restaurant management tool by helping you cost out your recipes and track stock. It will work in conjunction with a sales file exported from your POS system.

» Do I have to manually enter all my sales information?

Optimum Control provides two options. You can enter information manually by copying your till tape information ("z tape"). Using this method Optimum Control can list items in the same order as your till tape. The second option is to import information through your POS (or polling software) directly into the program.

» Is Optimum Control an Accounting System or Program?

Optimum Control is not a FULL accounting system, rather a "back end" restaurant management program. It will interface with popular programs such as MYOB or QuickBooks. Sales information can be exported in other formats such as: MS Excel, dBase, 2/3, Lotus, MS Works, DIF, Text, Text With Headers, SQL, HTML and more. This will save you valuable time since Optimum Control "codes" your invoices only once allocating them to the appropriate accounts!

» Does the program tell me Theoretical vs. Actual usage?

Absolutely. That is the end result of using Optimum Control. It will tell you exactly what stock you SHOULD have used, and what you ACTUALLY used.

» When I enter my purchases, how do I handle price changes? Are all my recipes updated?

When you enter your purchases (invoices) you can indicate a new price and upon saving the information, Optimum Control gives you the choice to update all of your recipes with the new price. You can indicate if this is a permanent price change, or if it is a "one time" change - you choose.

» Can I find out if my food costs are going up or down?

In the reports window, you can find out the last price paid (and percentage of change) or find out about all the price changes for a particular item and see them graphically. Find out yearly pricing trends, and how a price change affects all products containing an item.

» Can I enter my own units of measure?

Yes. While Optimum Control offers a wide array of pre-set units of measure you may add as many as you like quickly and easily.

» How long does it take to get "up and running" for an establishment with approximately 400 food items?

On the average you would be set up within 2 or 3 weeks. It is essential that you have a good idea of your recipes, and their yields to make the process run quickly.

» What kind of support do I get with my purchase? What about updates?

Optimum Control comes with 3 months technical support (additional years are £225 plus VAT) and set up support included. This service is available Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. Outside of these hours, there is a fee for technical support. Updates are included so that you are always up-to-date with the latest features, and these can be downloaded online.

» Do you have a downloadable demo/trial version of your software?

Yes, we offer you both and something better! Optimum Control is backed by our 30-day money-back guarantee. So order today and if you are not 100% satisfied with our software, simply return it for a full refund of the purchase price (excludes shipping & handling).

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The following screenshots offer you an opportunity to get a glimpse of just some of the features and benefits of the Optimum Control Catering &  Software interface and functionality. For more info call us on 01303 862103.


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