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OC Labor Pro

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Designed for operators who are looking for a comprehensive labour management suite. Includes drag and drop rota scheduling, payroll reporting and even email staff schedules.

Price: Call for prices and order by phone and pay by BACS or PayPal: 01303 862103

Ideal for: Restaurant/Hospitality, Retail, Clinics, Healthcare, Office and where ever planned staff rotas are required.

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» Are you looking for a rota scheduling program that saves times and is   easy to use?

Save time by dragging and dropping employees into the required shifts

» Do you want to reduce labour costs and schedule more effectively?

Create budgets using projected revenue AND projected covers per labour hour

» Are you tired of staff constantly calling to see when they work?

End the excuses for missed shifts or being late, email every staff member their rota in seconds

Call us today at 01303 862103 to order OC Labour Pro and TAKE CONTROL with OPTIMUM CONTROL.

Simple "Drag & Drop" Interface
  • » Create streamlined schedules, eliminating cumbersome pencil and paper or spreadsheets
  • » Assign an employee by dragging and dropping them into the required position
  • » View a graphical representation of all shift coverage
  • » Build schedule templates to use and copy over for each week
Advanced Scheduling 
  • » Indicate holiday times, requested time off and availability per employee and the OC Labor Pro's Availability Filter will notify you of scheduling conflicts
  • » Create and print, email, or post to the web your staff schedules in just minutes
  • » Assign staff different pay rates for different positions
Detailed Labor Costs
  • » Enter a desired labour percentage and even covers per labor hour and OC Labor Pro will inform you when your budget is exceeded
  • » Compare budgeted hours to actual hours
POS Integration
  • » Import punch cards from Squirrel or Aloha (Requires Import Module -£300.00)
  • » Run and export payroll reports, ready to upload to many popular payroll systems

  • Call us today at 01303 862103 to order OC Pro and TAKE CONTROL with OPTIMUM CONTROL.